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verse_47's Journal

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Welcome to verse_47!

This is an icon challenge community for fans of ALIAS utilizing song lyrics inspired by alias_chorus.

Wanna know the rules? Keep reading. ;D


1)A set of complete song lyrics will be provided. Members will then create an icon featuring any line of their choice from the provided song.

2)Members will have one week to create and post their icon to the community before submissions close and the week's poll goes up. Voting will be done through comments to a designated post.

3)Anyone using bases without credit to their proper owners will be banned if caught.

4)Please no off-topic posting. Any questions or comments about the community can be directed to the owner.

5)If an icon is entered with a lyric that is not accurate in reference to the week's given song, it must be corrected before the submission deadline otherwise it will not be eligible for that week's poll.

6)The categories for submission are as follows:

<0>MISSION DEBRIEF: icon which best ties in to the overall provided song

<0>MARSHALL'S TOYS: icon with the most original take on the provided song

<0>FIELD AGENT: best use of a single lyric

<0>FROM DIXON'S DESK: icon selected by moderator for overall look and interpretation of the song.
NOTE: an icon that has won in any of the other categories is not eligible for this category.

7)To submit an icon, simply post it to the community in the following format:

Marshall's Toys:

8)You may not vote for your own icon.

9)The most vital rule of all: have fun! Tell your friends!

This community is still currently under construction, but join now and be part of the coming fun!