Devilwrites (devilwrites) wrote in verse_47,

Alias Challenge!

alias_challenge is a graphics community to keep Alias fans somewhat busy till January 2005. Each week, an episode will be given, along with links to screencaps for that episode, and members encouraged to make as many icons, wallpapers, f/o banners, vids, just plain graphics possible for that one episode. There is no contest here, just plain fun and a chance to be inspired and admire the work of other people.

Feel free to check us out, join, and start in on the fun. The first challenge will be posted Friday, June 25.

Crossposted to various Alias communities and my journal. Many apologies if this shows up multiple times on your friends page. And if you're a moderator not happy with me advertising, just let me know and I'll delete the post. Thanks!
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